STEP - Student Teacher Emergentics Program

STEP- Student Teacher Emergenetics Program


STEP (Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program) is a distinctive and results-oriented learning system built on Emergenetics brain research and theory that has been tailored specifically for students. The foundation of this model is the Emergenetics Youth Report, which identifies a student’s thinking and behavioral preferences in seven research-based attributes. While we all possess some degree of each attribute, the report allows students to understand what gives them energy, how they prefer to think, communicate and learn, and builds an appreciation for diverse approaches. The result is increased motivation, engagement, self-awareness and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams. STEP also provides teachers and advisors with the tools, training and knowledge to enhance students acceptance and tolerance of others for a comprehensive STEP solution.

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Cimarron Wins Emergenetics Award

Four years ago,Cimarron Middle School teachers and staff saw an opportunity to improve how they collaborate with students and how students collaborate with each other. Now, four years later, not only have they succeeded in these efforts, they have also been named the National Student Teacher Emergenetics Program (STEP) School of 2016.