State Mandated Testing

*Pending CDE approval. The window may open on March 23rd. 

State Testing Excusal Form Directions
**DEADLINE for excusal is December 15th, 2019

If you are a parent/guardian requesting a paper version of the assessment, please contact Jill Bull at 720-433-1357 or email by December 5, 2019.

Cimarron Testing Schedule - 
'19 - '20 CMAS Testing Schedule
Date Grade Testing Test
Tuesday 3-24-20 8th Grade ELA Day 1
Wednesday 3-25-20 8th Grade ELA Day 2
Thursday 3-26-20 7th Grade ELA Day 1
Friday 3-27-20 7th Grade ELA Day 2
Monday 3-30-20 6th Grade ELA Day 1
Tuesday 3-31-20 6th Grade ELA Day 2
Wednesday 4-1-20 8th Grade Math
Thursday 4-2-20 7th Grade Math
Friday 4-3-20 6th Grade Math
Monday 4-6-20 8th Grade Science
Tuesday 4-7-20 Make-ups All tests
Wednesday 4-8-20 Make-ups All tests
Thursday 4-9-20 Make-ups All tests
Friday 4-10-20 Make-ups All tests