Dress Code

Cimarron Middle School Dress Code

Students of all genders must abide by the expectations below:

  • Body coverage requirements: clothing that covers the chest, buttocks and midriff. Undergarments must be covered, including bra straps if wearing a tank top. 
  • See through clothing must not expose undergarments.
  • Hooded shirts/sweatshirts, hats and beanies can not cover students heads
  • Clothing meant for day wear
  • Clothing free from profanity, hate speech, gang affiliation, drugs, alcohol, or weapons
  • Shorts, skirts, sweat pants, jeans, and leggings  (must adhere to proper coverage requirements.)
  • Shoes with hard soles (excludes roller shoes or slippers)

*Spirit week days will be posted on CIMS homepage if hats or pajamas are allowed.



Should a staff member find a student in violation of the dress code policy as outlined above, the dress code will be addressed by the following:

1st offense: Parent/guardian will be notified for support

2nd offense: Student will be asked to change

3rd offense: Student will receive a consequence


Our dress code correlates with our mission to create a safe environment where all 

students are challenged and empowered to reach their highest potential.  To that end, the Cimarron dress code highlights the following values:

  • Students and parents/guardians understand their primary responsibility to appropriate grooming and dress, which contributes to a productive learning environment.
  • Students are allowed to dress comfortably for school to engage fully in the educational process.
  • Students understand that they are responsible for managing their own appearance.

School administration and staff will consistently enforce dress code policies as outlined.  Dress code will apply to all students regardless of racial identity, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural or religious identity, household income, and body size/type.  Student safety and dignity will be respected at all times.  Dress code will be addressed with parents and  students individually and confidentially.