Dress Code

Cimarron Middle School Dress Code

Cimarron Middle School’s dress code supports equitable educational access. Dress
code guidelines apply to regular and summer school days, as well as school-related
events and activities.

Our dress code correlates with our mission to create a safe environment where all
students are challenged and empowered to reach their highest potential. To that
end, the CIMARRON DRESS CODE highlights the following VALUES:
● Students are allowed to dress comfortably for school to engage fully in the
educational process.
● Students understand that they are responsible for managing their own
● Students and parents/guardians understand their primary responsibility to
appropriate grooming and dress, which contributes to a productive learning

● Students must wear shoes with hard soles at all times, per Colorado State
● Students must wear clothing including a shirt with pants or skirt, or the
equivalent (i.e. dresses, leggings, or shorts) and shoes.
● Clothing must cover the chest, torso, and lower extremities.
● Clothing must cover undergarments.
● Fitted pants, including leggings, yoga pants, and skinny jeans
● Jeans (with rips or holes at or below arms length)
● Sleeveless shirts to edge of shoulder (as long as undergarments are not
● Athletic attire
● Hooded sweatshirts with hoods down
● Shorts and skirts mid-hand length or longer

● Shoes with wheels (recessed or exposed) built into the sole, or soft sole
● Clothing or wearable items depicting violent language or images, hate
speech, profanity, pornography, drugs (including alcohol and tobacco),
weapons, gang-related colors or signs, or obscenities of any kind
● Hats, caps, bandanas, hoods, or sunglasses when in the building or during the
school day, except for designated activity days
● Clothing that is see-through, or that reveals undergarments
● Swimsuits
● Pajamas
● Spaghetti straps or tank tops (sleeveless shirts are allowed)

Should a staff member find a student in violation of the dress code policy as outlined
above, the following options will be presented:
1. Student will be asked to put on his or her own alternate clothing item to be
worn for the remainder of the school day.
2. Student will be provided with temporary school issued clothing to be worn
for the remainder of the school day.
3. Students’ parents may be called to provide alternate clothing to be worn for
the remainder of the school day.

School administration and staff will consistently enforce dress code policies as
outlined. Dress code will apply to all students regardless of racial identity, gender
identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural or religious identity,
household income, and body size/type.
Student safety and dignity will be respected at all times. Dress code will be
addressed with students individually and confidentially.